Presenta Norman Ceseña propuesta para promover marcas y productos en el Off Road Sudcaliforniano.

 reunion-orba-a=Previo al evento de Gala de la Asociación de Empresarios SEMA y, ante el Consejo Directivo de la Organización de Negocios del Off Road ORBA celebrado el día 25 de Julio de 2013 en la ciudad de Pomona, California en Estados Unidos fue presentado el Campeonato BAJA U-PRO 2013 con la presencia de altos funcionarios y promotores de Off Road Norteamericano

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Se reune Norman Ceseña con directivos de Productores de Estados Unidos para Promocionar Marcas en Mexico.

reunion-orba-aRecientemente, Norman Ceseña presidente de Corporativo El Pato Rojo Motorsport  y Fred Wiley  presidente de la organización de negocios off road ORBA habrían firmado un acuerdo comercial con el objeto de promocionar las marcas y productos de manufactura americana en el mercado latino.

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Latino Off Road Market

graficaLast Thursday July 25th of 2013, within the SEMA Gala Fund Raiser event in Pomona California, the Off Road Business Association board members got together for their quarterly meeting to discuss the activities ORBA has had during the last months. Mr. Norman Ceseña, President/CEO of El Pato Rojo Off Road Media & Films assisted to present the marketing strategy proposal that he has developed to Boost Brands in the Latino Off Road Market. The presentation was made by El Pato Rojo Off Road & Media spokeswoman, Wilma Smith.


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Hurricanes…Curse or Blessing?

 hurricanescurse-or-blessingWe have to admit that one of the phenomenon’s that scare visitors away from Baja Sur during the summer are hurricanes. But let’s face it, Baja is a desert and we need all the “water from the sky” we can get. So when it comes to the true Baja locals, a hurricane threat or commonly known in the area as “chubasco” is really a blessing. This doesn´t mean that once in a while we get a strong one and it may take its toll on some roads and a couple of palm trees, but still…we need the water.


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History of Off Road Racing in Baja California Sur

History-of-off-road-racing2The history of Off Road Racing begins in Baja California Sur in 1955 when a few guys got together with a real fun idea. They decided to challenge not only each other but themselves and their vehicles as well in a race. The course was close to 250 miles long. The start line was in La Paz and it went south to San Jose del Cabo, turned west towards Cabo San Lucas then once again headed north passing Todos Santos and finally arrived where they started.  Thirteen vehicles departed from La Paz on the 12 of March of 1955.


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Off Road in the Baja California Sur Routes

A freindly wave.
nota-roger-con-racheros-2It is no wonder that Baja California Sur has over 500 Off Road Racing teams. With the enormous amount of routes and the diversity of views it is only natural that everyone is willing to spend the week-end in the biggest off road “playground” that is only a couple of miles away from any of the main cities. Off Road in Baja California Sur is not a hobby, it´s a  life style.

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The best time records during the second date of the UPRO Championship

road race, time records If something gave character to the 2013 edition of the TORMENTA DEL DESIERTO Off Road race it was the vertigo and the speed with which most of the categories preformed. This put the CLASS 1 drivers in the challenge to defeat the record imposed by CLASS 12 driver JOSE CERVANTES of 10m 03s 99c who had the over all time record, that is besides the stellar category.

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